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Pete davidson dating list

Pete davidson dating list

Mar 10 Alberto E. However, he and Beckinsale's relationship has been thrust into the spotlight not just because they're both famous, but because Beckinsale is two decades older than Davidson.

And while Davidson's response to he and Beckinsale's age gap on the Weekend Update pete davidson dating list of SNL may not have done much to quiet people's opinions, he did succeed in pointing out a massive double standard in celebrity relationships.

While the Pete Davidson of a year ago may now have known how to handle the criticism, the Pete Davidson of has enough tabloid experience to know what does and doesn't need to be said when it comes to a very public relationship. He and Beckinsale haven't officially defined their relationship in the press, but after SNL Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost asked him about his "girlfriend situation," Davidson launched into a commentary about people's fascination with their age difference.

He explained that it doesn't really bother them — making a point not to refer to Beckinsale by name and only implying that the audience knows who he and Jost are talking about — but did say that he's "new to this. Whatever is happening between Davidson and Beckinsale is, frankly, not anybody's business, but Davidson's unexpected stardom has made him a name that invites public commentary.

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Oddly enough, Davidson and Beckinsale may not even be the most high-profile pete davidson dating list couple amid the current SNL cast, as that title may go to Jost and his girlfriend Scarlett Johansson. However, as long as Davidson is in the public eye, so are his relationships. SNL's Weekend Update segment has become somewhat of a mini-press conference for Davidson to address his personal life, and even though he and Grande have split, it seems like that pattern will continue as he moves on.

Been there, done that! From on-again, off-again relationships to whirlwind engagements, Pete Davidson has had a rocky dating history. Celebrity Couples Pete Davidson Loves and Hookups. Many famous women have dated SNL comedian Pete Davidson, and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies. This list of Pete Davidson’s girlfriends and exes includes Cazzie David and Carly Aquilino.

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